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Progress made on our Vapour Blasting service

Rob Grundy Vapor Blast Vapour Blast

Progress is coming along nicely with the Vapour Blasting and we are getting very nice consistent results. 
It's a fine line between Time and the Blasting Media used.

The addition of a small amount slightly more agressive blasting media makes the process quicker which is ultimatly cheeper but the finish is not as fine as 100% glass media but with the fine blasting media it takes quite a bit longer and time is money, wear and tear on the machinery etc, so more expencive.

Don't get me wrong the addition of a slightly more aggresive media still produces a stunning end product.

One thing that has been worked out is anything that goes into the cabinate needs to be clean, free of crud and paint.

We are also seting up a heated pre wash for those whom send us a dirty engine case.

More info to follow as we get closer to offering this service

Price for blasting is being worked out as we work through some shop projects and get an idea for how long it takes to do various parts this will also give us a good idea of a price for similar sized parts in the future.

Note dirty cruddy parts recived that need to go through a parts washer will be charged for the extra service.

Painted / powder coated parts will need stripping preferably before being shipped.


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