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Shipping Rates

Rob Grundy

We pretty much have two shipping rates and they are based on the amount spent at checkout.

For the USA sales upto 49.99 are charged at $8.25c

For Sales $50.00 up are charged at $14.95c this means that a large order shipped that has the shipping cost $20-30+ is covered by Scooters Originali.

There are a few exceptions oil and centerstands are charged at cost and the customer will be contacted once shipping has been calculated.

It is a physical impossibility to ship a centerstand or oil for $8.25cents 

Shipping to Canada is set up however please note that the shipping rates are expensive and the rates applied at checkout may not be what the shipping cost will be.

Once Canadian shipping is calculated an invoice will be sent for the difference. 


Scooters Originali


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