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Restoration of your prized Lambretta or Vespa

Scooters Originali restoration of a 1955 Vespa GS150 in the Museum of Modern Art ( MOMA ) in New York City.We are known within the USA and around the world for our top quality, concours, Vespa and Lambretta restorations. The Vespa GS150 shown on the left, a scooter that we restored, is held in the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Gene Merideth is considered to be one of the top vintage scooter restorers in the country and scooters restored by him, and with the Scooters Originali name on them sell for more money in the collectors market.

We can restore your scooter to "like new", just as it was when it rolled off the factory line, or with custom paint and artwork and a performance engine.

Prices start at $8,000 for most collectible Vespa or Lambretta models. Scooters in particularly rough condition would be proportionally higher. A Vespa GS160 or a Lambretta SX200 is worth that kind of money and time. A 1964 Allstate is probably not, unless the scooter holds real sentimental value for you. Any custom paintwork, or performance engine work will push the cost higher.

We can also carry out what is known as a "mechanical refurbishment", where the cosmetic aspects are left alone, but we make sure all mechanical aspects of the scooter are rebuilt to factory specifications. The sections below show the full cost of a complete restoration, but the mechanical refurbishment costs can be seen within the stages. Read about more types of work including engine rebuilds here.

We also offer restoration level engine rebuilds. You can send the engine to us, and we will rebuild it so it looks and sounds like it just left the factory.


Pat Coviello Vespa restoration and pics of riding the Vespa when he was a child.
Pat C's 1955 Allstate, back to how it was when he was a child.

General Estimate of the various stages

  1. Strip Down: Your scooter is stripped down to its component pieces: bodywork, engine, forks, and other parts. This is a pure Labor charge. On average, it takes 8 hours to do all this. On older, rusted or bodged scooters, this time can double, or even triple. Labor Rate: $80/hour. 8 hour minimum. Job: $640 +

  2. Media Blasting: We have your scooter body work media blasted down to bare metal, so that the painters have the best possible surface to start bodywork and paint on. Subcontracted Labor: $300 - $400

  3. Bodywork and Paint: Bodywork and preparation is the key to the best looking paint. A Vespa or Lambretta that requires a lot of welding and corrective bodywork will cost more than a scooter with very straight bodywork. Two tone paint costs more than a single color. Custom artwork will add more cost. We can discuss your bodywork and paint reqirements with you, and suggest a plan that meets both your wants and budget. Subcontracted Labor: Starting at $2,000

  4. Engine Rebuild: While your scooter is being painted, we are rebuilding your engine. All parts are media blasted, all adjusters and external hardware replaced or zinc coated. You get a perfect running engine, which also looks brand new to go along with your brand new looking scooter. $600 base rebuild labor + media blast $80 - $160 + parts.

  5. Powder Coating: For Vespa restorations we have forks, stands, stand brackets, wheel rims, hubs, swing arms and more powder coated back to the original silver/aluminum color. This stage is usually not required for Lambretta restorations, as these parts are painted rather than powdercoated. Subcontracted Labor: $200 on average

  6. Polishing/Chroming: While the painters and powder coaters are busy, we send out your metal bits to be polished and/or chromed. Polishing is the cheaper, more original way to go (especially for aluminum items) but we can chrome anything you want as well (hubs, wheel rims, etc). Items like panel levers, switch housings, hand levers, choke knobs, fuel rods and fender crests are polished to a nice shine. Subcontracted Labor: Vespa restorations $100 plus. Lambretta restorations $400 plus.

  7. Parts Replacement: This is arguably the hardest section to average out a price for. This is the replacement of all wearable parts of your scooter, which is the key to making the scooter look new. Everything that is worn or old is replaced. This includes but is not limited to: cables, wiring loom, rubber grommets, tires, inner tubes, brakes, switches, switch covers, seat covers, seat frames, tail lights, headlights, speedometer face and lens, floor channels, endcaps, locks and so on. This is the section where a huge price variable is to be expected, as every scooter is treated differently and each requires a unique list of replacement parts. The highest quality parts available are used. No cheap substitutions!! Price: $1,500 to $2,500 plus depending on model

  8. Final Assembly: Once the painted frame and body parts are back, the engine is built, and the powder coating and polishing are back in the shop, we can start the reassembly of your scooter. This is very labor intensive. It includes running new cables and a wiring loom, rebuilding and installing the forks, installing the engine, installing new floor channel kit, rebuilding the headset and attaching all bodywork. This is also the most important aspect of the restoration to ensure that your Vespa or Lambretta will run perfectly as well as look beautiful. Labor Rate $80/hour Hours: Vespa 30 plus hours, Lambretta 40 plus hours Job: Staring at $2,400for Vespa, $3,200 for Lambretta.


Dottie & Charles' Vespa, before and after restoration. On show and winning an award
Dottie and Charles Vespa, before and after we restored it. Then on show at the Baltimore British Bikes show, winning an award.


John's Vespa, George's Lambretta, Ciaran's Lambretta, and Jay's Vespa.