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Restoration of your prized Lambretta

Send us your tired, your poor, your Lambretta scooters yearning to breathe free, for those in need of wrenching will find new freedom in our restoration store. 

We will be happy to restore or repair your Lambretta, be it changing cables or a complete restoration.  

We use original parts whenever possible, when it's not possible we use the best replacement parts available the majority being made by Scootopia.  

We import the parts for use in our restorations and to sell in our on-line store to the general public and to other restoration shops.

We pride ourselves in returning your Lambretta to you as if it was new, from the correct color paint, the correct style and color cable and rubber parts to the exact nut, washer and bolt as originally used, we use period hardware that is made to the correct size and shape this size and shape is not reproduced in modern production hardware. 

We are the sole US importer of parts made by Scootopia

If you have any questions about previous restorations prior to Gene moving back to the United Kingdom, please email Me or and we will get back to you.


Rob Grundy