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Engine Rebuilds


We can do a lot of different types of work to your vintage scooter. Some are listed below, but you can contact us on our contact us form to talk about any type of work you require.


Engine Rebuilds

Send your engine to Scooters Originali for a full professional rebuild. With over 25 years of experience riding and wrenching on scooters and scooter engines, we can rebuild your Lambretta engine.

We strip your engine down completely. Every moving part is removed, cleaned in our parts washer, inspected for wear or damage. A complete estimate of parts needed is then worked out and emailed to you. Once approved we rebuild the engine with all new bearings, seals, gaskets, O Rings and any other parts that are needed.

We bench test the engine in one of our test frames so we are able to fully test that everything is operating as expected.

Basic Series 1, 2 & 3 Standard engine rebuild is $900 including gaskets, seals and bearings.

Re-bores, replacement of worn parts such as pistons, welding or engine case cleaning are additional if needed. 

Restoration Level engine rebuilds are also available which include hot tanking and vapor blasting the engine case. 

We also rebuild Lambretta D & LD . It's hard to give a price off the cuff for building these motors they are far more time consuming and very labor intensive. 

Shipping a Lambretta Engine to Scooters Originali 

Give the engine a good clean, soap, brush and a power wash

Drain the oil

Remove the kickstart lever but include it when shipping

Remove the hub we don't need it.

Include your carburetor in the shipment.

Buy a tote from the one of the hardware stores, one that the lid can be zip tied on.

Fill tote with packaging place engine inside and pack tightly. Just imagine the shipping company will be dropping, rolling and generally mistreating it and you'll probably be pretty close to reality. We have engines that arrive with fins missing from cylinders and the magneto flange broken, these broken parts then tend to rattle around damaging the cases. 

Moving blankets are great to wrap a clean engine in when shipping and can be reused on the return.

Please Note

We do not work on Vietnamese built motors.