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Ok so here it goes made the K38 web page live!

Rob Grundy Tires

Ok so here it goes made the K38 web page live
To kick it off Its going to be drop shipping from the importer until I get stock for local sales.
I'm hoping to keeps cost lower by drop shipping rather than double shipping from the importer to me then back out the door to a customer.
Shipping charged on one tire or more is the same orders over $50 is the flat fee of $14 plus a few cents roughly what I pay for a medium flat rate box so the shipping you pay is the same if you buy 1 or more tires.
My 1st order will tell me if it works or it kills me.
So I'm just going to give it a go
I'll be adding more choice of tires soon.
The turn around time is going to be a little slower that my normal speedy pick and pack. So I expect there to be a few days lag between ordering and shipments.
Please keep orders for tires separate from parts, Once I get a hang of shipping cost from the drop ship side this could change

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