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Vespa Fuel Tap Wideframe GS150 - BGM V2 Fast Flow - BGM

$ 26.99

V06-326-BGM   BGM # BGM3032N

Piaggio #  2/26037   28452      
Vespa Fuel Tap - with Reserve -V2 Fast Flow - BGM PRO    


The Fast Flow fuel taps have a high flow rate and ensure a perfect supply of fuel to the carburetor even on powerful engines. They can be replaced 1:1 with the original fuel tap. The version shown here is a special version for Vespa GS150 with the fuel outlet in the direction of travel to the right.

The functionality corresponds to that of a conventional fuel tap (open/reserve/close). Here, when the reserve level is reached, the fuel tap is manually switched to reserve. Nice feature on the side: The reserve level is about 1 liter larger than the original fuel tap.

If you want to realize an especially short fuel hose in connection with a large carburetor/intake manifold (PHBH, PWK, TMX), you can also use the fuel tap shown here in the Vespa largeframe models.

For mounting, a new through hole for the fuel hose must be drilled into the frame. The advantage is then an extremely short fuel hose length without bends or loops. Especially in connection with carburetors, whose float chamber sits higher than on an original SI carburetor, this conversion is recommended. This way, the complete tank volume can be utilized without the engine becoming lean due to a too low float level (due to too low differential pressure between the gasoline level in the tank and the carburetor. 



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