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Lambretta - Vespa Voltage regulator -4-plug - 12V AC/DC- Universal - BGM PRO

Lambretta - Vespa Voltage regulator -4-plug - 12V AC/DC- Universal - BGM PRO

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Handy voltage regulator for all electronic 12 V ignitions.
The regulator delivers AC as well as DC current. Therefore it is the perfect replacement for all Ducati 3-pin and 5-pin regulators as well as for the Vespatronic and Variotronic regulators.
  • AC - AC alternating current: IN and OUT for the current delivery of the stator plate and out for the regulated AC current for the wiring loom.
  • SENSE: With this regulator the AC IN and OUT has to be bridged. With the so-called SENSE function the power out is checked by the internals of the regulator with a reference value. So the power output is constant even with alternating load.
  • DC direct current: OUT with DC for charging the battery. With ignition systems capable of high power output consumers can be fed directly. E. g. Satnav systems, water pumps, rev counters, speedos and all sort of other toys.
  • Earth: Simple can be taken from the old existing regulator. If there wasn’t an Earth connection, you should install one. Use the Earth out of the regulator and connect it to the frame of the scooter. Make sure this is fitted to a leading piece of the frame, no paint. Ideally you can wire the earth to the body of the regulator additionally.  
The connection of the regulator to your existing wiring loom is easy.  
With complete AC systems you simply have to plug the AC out to the wires that lead the current to the consumers.
With systems using AC and DC to run the electrics, you simply have to separate AC and DC lead wires and connect it regarding if there is AC or DC needed.  

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