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Lambretta Tool - Gear Selector Ball Squeezer - BGM PRO

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Lambretta Tool - Gear Selector Ball Squeezer - BGM PRO    


The bgm PRO ball crimper - Lambretta Li-family shift lever assembly made easy.

The bgm PRO ball crimper is a cleverly designed tool. It can be used to install the shift balls together with the spring very easily and conveniently into the main shaft.


  • Easy disassembly/assembly of the shift balls

  • Shift balls are held securely in place

  • Main shaft is held by the tool - both hands free to install the shift claw.

  • 100% Made in Germany

Without this tool, shift dog assembly can be a real patience game. Simultaneously bring the balls on both sides in position and sufficient preload without being shot by the shift spring into the infinite expanses of the workshop? Not infrequently, the balls are then no longer findable and you need new ones, of course, exactly on a weekend...

With the bgm PRO ball crusher, the job is done in no time. The whole thing is so much fun that you want to do it again and again. Simply because it is so beautiful... Indispensable in every well-stocked Lambretta workshop.

The bgm PRO ball crimper - Saves time and saves your nerves


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