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Lambretta Small Block 185cc Cylinder Kit - Scootopia

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Lambretta Small Block 185cc Cylinder Kit - Scootopia  

Second version 185cc Barrel kit for all small block engines.

Well finally, it's here! Our 185cc barrel kit has been faultlessly used and abused by our awesome race team in our endurance events, we have also had input and test development from Allstyles Scooters in Portsmouth.

The kits used for the race team have been tuned by JB Tuning, the kit on sale here is not as tuned and is more of an around city/town kit with plenty of torque, this is not a kit that will give you the fastest scooter on the block. 

The barrel is Aluminium and nikasil plated with an Aluminium head (there’s no need for a head gasket for the kit). 
This kit can be fitted to any Lambretta Series 1,2,3 OR DL/GP 125/150 & 175 engine case.  

Run with the Scootopia 42mm exhaust and the Scootopia SH2/22 carb it tops out at 65mph.

Dyno testing is being done and base jetting for the kit using above Scootopia parts will be released soon. 

The kit also comes with High Tensile Cylinder Studs, Exhaust Studs, Inlet Studs, Nuts, Washers, Cylinder Spacer and Gaskets

We recommend an NGK B8ES plug and running it in for 300 miles checking plug color regularly.


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