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Lambretta GT200 Intercontinental Engine Case - Gran Turismo

$ 1,175.00


  • Reverse compatible to standard 200 casings and all internals including crank
  • Original look with finning and jack points
  • Utilizes original mag flange
  • Utilizes original side case
  • Crank on original center line to utilize all current exhaust systems
  • Utilizes any currently available ignition system
  • Thicker sections for strength and increased gasket face area
  • Properly positioned rear brake shoe pins
  • Driveside Oil Seal Plate included
  • GT Endplate included
  • Pads for case mounted reed and boosts
  • Large gasket area for big capacity cylinders
  • Large crankcase housing can be bored to accommodate CR250 72mm stroke crank
  • Big-capacity, low-cost, water cooled 300cc cylinder conversion planned
  • Big capacity iron lined Inter-Continental air-cooled cylinder 330cc
  • 100% Made in England

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