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Lambretta - Cylinder Head Cowling - BSK

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Lambretta Cylinder Head Cowling - BGM RaceTour - BSK    


The BSK Lambretta cylinder cowl is specially made for bgm RaceTour cylinders with a stroke of 60 mm and a connecting rod of 110 mm.   

If you are using a different stroke / rod length, the gap between the cylinder cowl and the M8 spacer nut should be noted.

Fit the two small M5 screws first and then check if there is a gap between the cowling and the M8 spacer nut on the head.

If this is the case, simply add a washer underneath the M8 spacer to lift the spacer and make it a perfect fit.

The cowling is made of GFK ((fiberglass-reinforced plastic) in small quantities by hand in Germany.

The screw connection for the M8 nut on the cylinder head is reinforced with a steel insert. The cutouts are designed for the RaceTour cylinder with bgm Big Box, but can of course be adapted for all other cylinders.

Solid cylinder cowl that neither vibrates, breaks or annoys you with a rattling noise.


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