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Lambretta Clutch Spring - Soft - Set/10 - BGM

Lambretta Clutch Spring - Soft - Set/10 - BGM

$ 9.99

L52-820-BGM-SET    BGM # BGM8010WX
Innocenti #  

Lambretta Clutch Spring - Soft - Set/10 - BGM  

High Quality BGM clutch spring set. 

bgm PRO clutch springs are manufactured in Germany and are subject to continuous quality control. The used material Oteva70® makes the springs block stable and true to size.

The spring does not deflect sideways until it is blocked. When unloaded, it returns to its original length. The clutch spring retains its full spring force. The spring rate is significantly tighter than that of an original spring.

NOTE: Only for use with BGM Pro Superstrong couplings.
Ideal for performance upgraded engines.

Made in Germany

Manufactured from Oteva70®

Block stable

Accurate to size

Spring force does not decrease

Spring force : 4,7N/mm (soft)

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