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Lambretta Air Filter Box Series 1-3 - BGM PRO

Lambretta Air Filter Box Series 1-3 - BGM PRO

$ 150.00

L54-322-BGM    BGM # BGM4488

Lambretta Air Filter Box Series 1-3 - BGM PRO    


bgm PRO air filter box for the Lambretta Series 1-3.

The starting point is a SIL air filter box. A 50 mm diameter connection piece to the frame is brazed into the box. Thus the diameter of the airbox corresponds to that of the frame. The box and the air filter connection piece are white powder-coated. All additional work has been carried out on site in Cologne.

Included in delivery:
Modified and powdered air filter box
bgm PRO air filter
Powdered air filter spigot
Clamp, seal, plate, screw and stop nut (different from the wing nut shown).

The idea behind the box is to realize an original look with a reasonable air filter solution. The sound is more pleasant than with a completely open carburettor or one of the solutions with foam filter. In terms of performance we could not detect any losses at the wheel of an engine with a power output of about 20 HP.

The box is a direct and complete replacement for your original air filter box.

Color : RAL9010

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