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Lambretta 12v Variable LI SX & TV Electronic kit - Scootopia

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Lambretta 12v Variable LI SX & TV Electronic kit - Scootopia

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Scootopia made Lambretta series 1,2 & 3 LI SX & TV Variable electronic kit. This kit consists of a Flywheel with plastic fins, Stator Plate, Flywheel Nut & Washer, CDI, Regulator, Fitting Tool & loom with connectors.  

Some characteristics of the kit:

  •          2.1kg 2 Part flywheel (standard length plastic fins)
  •          ****w lighting output
  •          Optional DC output
  •          Removable HT lead from CDI
  •          9 Stud centre boss
  •          Correct electrical connectors fitted   

Like both the SIP Vape kit, Casatronic & Varitronic our variable electronic kits give your engine an advance or retard timing set up. This allows the ignition timing to adjust at high or low revs resulting in a better performing engine. We have set a weight of approx. 2.1kg for the flywheel, this should run well using the Scootopia 185 kit and the Scootopia Clubman Exhaust. You also have the option of using a DC output, allowing you to charge up your phone, e cigarette or run a Sat Nav. We have also added an extra centre boss stud on the flywheel  giving it 9 studs for extra strength.   

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