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Vespa Exhaust Big Box TOURING PX200 - Rally200 - BGM PRO

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Vespa Exhaust BigBox TOURING PX200 - Rally200 - BGM PRO 


The BGM BigBox Touring - Power for the big tour
Torque from idle speed with the look and acoustics of a standard exhaust.

The BGM BigBox Touring is the tour steamer in our program.

Perfect for original engines or cylinders whose power is applied early, e.g. Polini, Malossi Sport, Pinasco.

An early start of performance as well as the significantly increased torque make the touring version of our BigBox the ideal companion for all those who like to travel in pairs or with a lot of luggage. Team drivers can be just as happy. The high available torque makes the otherwise obligatory shortening of the gear reduction superfluous!

On a standard PX200 the Touring box gets into the power 300 rpm earlier than the standard exhaust.

On powerhouses like the Polini or Malossi sport cylinders this exhaust is also a great choice.

Just like the original Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is of course also double-walled and equipped with insulating wool.


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