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Shipping to Canada & shipping in general

Rob Grundy

Hey Guys

Shippers are banging the prices up and removing some services

I don't know if this is solely on shipstation whom I use or across the board.

I'm going to have to check into what is offered by different platforms.

USPS have upped the cost of shipping twice this year which is a real headache since I use flat rate shipping based on the amount spent a checkout.

Keeping on top of this I expect is a pain in the ass for all stores with an online presence. 

I don't seem to have 1st class package international any longer only the ability to ship priority mail.

So if placing an order from Canada please note that the price of shipping at checkout may very well not be correct and will be 100% calculated at time of shipping and will be invoiced for at that point. 

Rob Grundy



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