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Scootopia: News, Restock and New Parts

Rob Grundy Lambretta Vespa

Scootopia Restock

I'm very happy to say things are slowly getting back to normal after the fire at Scootopia and the parent company next door to them.

Some of the parts are coming back into stock and the means of production is coming back on line

The 23rd July / tomorrow I'll be getting a restock on some parts that have gone back into production and some newly produced parts.

There are still some parts that Scootopia and myself have none of and everybody is working to get those back online and back on the shelves as soon as we can.

The parts that are still out of stock fingers crossed will be back late August, So with luck there will be Series 3 Cable Sets, Rear Hubs and Mag flanges.

There are some more new products that will also be available maybe not all at the same time but there will be disc break fork links and original style internal disc breaks.

There will also be the Scootopia Small Block cylinder kits.

These we all though where tall tails and rumors until the Scootopia endurance race team started to use them, so they exist. I managed to get 1 out of the 1st batch of 20, so I'll be taking some pictures for the new product page and to post up for people to see.

We are also going to be Stocking the AF Rayspeed Clo5e-5 gearboxes and adding a greater selection of AF parts in the future.


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