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Internet speed, emails and unknown ETA's

Rob Grundy

Hey Guys

Our internet speed is down to a crawl and the amount of emails we have on a daily biases is growing

I presently have a hell of a lot of emails I'm trying to get to with a limited amount of time I have while in the shop / workshop

Presently I'm running one web-based program / page at a time so if I have the webstore open shipping and email have to be closed. email open webstore and shipping closed. shipping open -- you get the idea.

Even with only one open I can at times spend a good amount of time watching a sun wheel.

Lambretta & Vespa Parts Numbers can be found in a parts manual for your model if you don't own one they are also online this number can be used to find the part on the store.using the search, when asked for numbers I have to look in the same book you have access to. .

ETA of incoming parts. I don't have one, I've not the slightest idea when parts will ship Europe and the UK is pretty much closed down, limited staff are working at any one time getting whatever they can do done in the time they have

I fully expect domestic European and UK parts shipments come 1st (lots of retail customers vs 1 international wholesale customer) and any extra time if they have any will be used putting a large international order together.

Scootopia as an example are on limited days with limited staff keeping people rotated and employed as well as safe, my latest incoming order will be ready whenever it's ready.

Keep safe



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