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Lambretta Gran Turismo GT200 Intercontinental Engine Case

$ 1,175.00

Innocenti # 19610160  

Lambretta Gran Turismo GT200 Intercontinental Engine Case 

Note: The Price now includes the  Gearbox End Plate &  Driveside Oil Seal Plate  

1. Reverse compatible to standard 200 casings and all internals including crank

2. Original look with finning and jack points

3. Utilizes original mag flange

4. Utilizes original side case

5. Crank on original center line to utilize all current exhaust systems

6. Utilizes any currently available ignition system

7. Thicker sections for strength and increased gasket face area

8. Properly positioned rear brake shoe pins

9. Enlarge rear axle bearing boss to accommodate bigger bearings

10. Pads for case mounted reed and boosts

11. Large gasket area for big capacity cylinders

12. 100% Made in England 

The case does now ship with a Gearbox End Plate &  Driveside Oil Seal Plate  

This item will ship Ground 100% insured, unless you wish to pay the extra cost of priority shipping, shipping of 13.95$ will be auto added at checkout so the majority of the shipping & 100% of the insurance is included in the price.

If you want expedited shipping contact me for shipping cost.

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