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Things you should know about our new website

Curious as a cat? Hopefully the info here will help you find your way around.


You will need to create yourself a new account, even if you have ordered from us before. This account is purely for online use. You can use the site as a guest, but we won't be able to save your order for future reference.


The online inventory shown is now linked directly to our accounting software, so if the website says we have it in stock, we will have it in stock.

The easiest way to find stuff is to type in the search engine at the top right. Its a pretty robust search engine. Looking for Vespa Carb parts? Type in "Vespa Carb". Looking for Lambretta Fork parts? Type in "Lambretta Fork". If you want to look at everything in a particular category, the menu options are split into Lambretta and Vespa. Under those you'll find the parts split as follows, both being the same for Vespa and Lambretta.

  • Body - Badges, Body Parts, Metal Trim, Floor Channels, Cables, Centerstands
  • Carb & Fuel - Fuel Tank, Fuel Tap, Fuel Rods, Choke Parts, Carbs, Carb Parts, Air Box, Air Filter, Hoses
  • Electrical - Headlight, Tail Light, Horn, Switches, Wiring Looms, Points, Condensors, Stators, Flywheels
  • Engine - Seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Cranks, Piston, Cylinder, Transmission, Clutch, Kickstart, Cruciform
  • Exhaust - Pipes, Clamps, U Bends, Exhaust Hardware, Silencers
  • Fork & Wheels - Bearing races, Bearings, Dust Covers, Springs, Shocks, Brake Shoes, Rims, Hubs
  • General - Bulbs, Tires, Oil, Tubes
  • Hardware - Frame Hardware, Hardware Kits, Nuts, Bolts, Washers
  • Headset - Control Pulleys, Control Shafts, Levers, Pivot Pins, Speedometers, Clamp Bolts, Shims
  • Rubber - Body Rubber, Grommets, Boots, Buffers, Concertinas, Hand Grips
  • Seats - Seats, Seat Frames, Seat Hardware, Seat Springs, Seat Covers
  • Tools - Pullers, Holders
  • Good Used & NOS - Good Used Parts, New Old Stock

Once you're in any section, you can also use the filter criteria to the right of the screen, which will further limit the parts to the following criteria -

  • Model D
  • LD
  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • GP / DL
  • Serveta
  • J Range
  • Luna Line
  • Wide Body
  • Largeframe
  • Smallframe
  • GS160 / SS180
  • P Series
  • Stella
  • Scootopia

Parts designed to fit individual models will have that information within that part's description, as is the Piaggio or Innocenti original number.


Shipping in the US is $7 for every order totaling up to $50, $10 for everything over that and free for orders over $250, up to a limit of $25 worth of free shipping. International orders will be more, and priced for each individual country, with $25 worth of free shipping for each order over $250. We are pleased to accept International orders but with the variety of part weights and sizes and many different postal rates, its difficult for us to give 100% accurate rates for each country. If the actual cost is lower than the rate shown, we will charge you the lower rate. If the actual rate is higher, we will contact you to make arrangements to pay the extra. If the cost of shipping is too expensive for you, we will, of course, cancel your purchase at your request.


If you have any other questions, please head to the "contact us" page and send us a message. Please do this especially if you're not sure what parts fit your model. We love to help you and want to make sure the parts you order will fit your Vespa or Lambretta.