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Engine rebuilds & other services


We can do a lot of different types of work to your vintage scooter. Some are listed below, but you can contact us by phone or our contact us form to talk about any type of work you require.


Engine Rebuilds

Send your engine to Scooters Originali for a full professional rebuild and bench test. With over 25 years of experience riding and wrenching on scooters and scooter engines, we can rebuild every kind of Vintage Vespa or Lambretta engine.

We strip your engine down completely. Every moving part is removed, cleaned in our parts washer, inspected for wear or damage. A complete estimate of parts needed is then worked out and emailed to you. Once approved we rebuild the engine with all new bearings, seals, gaskets, O Rings and any other parts that are needed.

We bench test the engine in one of our test frames so we are able to fully test that everything is operating as expected.

Base labor for an engine rebuild is $600. Re-bores and welding are additional if needed.

Restoration Level engine rebuilds are also available which include media blasting and painting to give it the factory original work. This service adds $100 or more to the labor charges.


Fork Rebuilds

Send your Lambretta or Vespa fork to us for a complete rebuild as well. We will disassemble the fork to inspect all internals, then rebuild with all the new parts the fork will need. Labor is typically 1 hour for Lambretta and 2 hours for Vespa. Parts are billed as needed. We can also media blast and have your forks powder coated for a long lasting finish.


Stator rewiring

You can send us your Lambretta or Vespa stator plate, which we can rebuild with new wiring, points and condenser. Lambretta 6 pole flywheels can be remagnetized and also tested for strength. Typically a stator rewiring is 1 hour of labor plus the cost of points and condenser. The wires are included free.


Carb Rebuild

Send your carburettor to us and we will strip it, give it a bath in our sonic cleaner, and rebuild with new gaskets, O Rings, float needle and where possible, a new float.
Most carbs will be tested on shop scooters to make sure it is working well – some rare carbs it won’t be possible to road or bench test if we don’t have anything we can test it on. Labor is usually 1 hour and parts are extra.