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Rally Sponsorship

Rob Grundy

This needs to be said, even though I've been advised not to say anything at all or post this for fear it will hurt business.

I keep getting asked for parts and sponsoring if you're going to ask for sponsorship and donations be a customer, if you're representing a Club / Rally you need to be a customer and the club and members need to support the store with sales. The club and organizers need to do there part on making sure rally going scooterists know whom sponsored the event and club members should also make an effort to buy from the sponsors / US based stores.

My store survives on sales, my ability to support your Rally relies solely on my sales.   

My Sponsoring of a Rally is essentially advertising to generate sales so if you want a vibrant scooter scene with sponsors you need to use Scooters Originali or any of the US based stores as all sponsor events, this enables them and myself to put back into the Scooter Scene and since the US shops are owned by scooter enthusiasts we are happy to do so

You guys need to use the US based stores for your parts and use them to get and import parts for you. I really don't think there is very much that can't be got for you by a US based store and got pretty quickly. You never know the US based stores may carry more if they had the support of the US based clubs and Scooterists.

So if you see a part overseas which is not currently in the USA contact one of the US based stores and get them to order it for you I have orders coming into the USA on a regular basis as do the other stores I expect, parts can easily be added for you

Are overseas companies sponsoring your local rallies and events can the US based stores continue to afford to do so?


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